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Confidentiality Agreement.


1. What information

1.1. Confidential information encompasses information in any form, are not intended to free disclosure, including business strategy, business concept, fares and rates, financial information, data, data processing, source codes, manuals, guides and the like.

Confidential information has also been dispensed in the form of the following documents / material: *

The parties further agreed that the negotiations about the our cooperation is for-confidential, why information must likewise be confidential, as. Further 3.3.

2. Excluded information

2.1. Confidential information does not include information that:


2.1.1 The receiving party can prove in his possession prior to receipt of information under this Agreement and which have not previously been given directly or indirectly from the losing party.

2.1.2 Already was widely known in the State concerned context on the time of disclosure, without the receiving party is responsible.

2.1.3 The Information on the legal way has come the receiving party to that knowledge by others who are not bound by a confidentiality agreement with the losing party.


3. Storage and Protection

3.1. Received confidential information should be processed and stored thus inaccessible to unauthorized persons and with at least the same care that the receiving party uses on the its own trade secrets.

3.2. Each Party shall limit the spread of received confidential information to the perso-tions need for the confidential information as part of an assessment of the possible advantages and disadvantages of cooperation. Use for purpose other requires the other party to-permit.

3.3. The parties and their personnel, outsource to media vendors, advisers and other affiliated persons must observe absolute silence with regard to any received confidential information. Confidential information must not be disclosed to third parties, nor does it ma reported that the parties foregâr / has event occurred cooperation.

3.4. The provision of 3.3. except for the disclosure, as happens with the other party's approval, nor does it apply when making a public authority or a court entitled require the State concerned the information handed over.

3.5. Either party may at any time require handouts containing confidential information returned from the other.

3.6. Each party shall bear responsibility for any misuse or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information made by any of them affiliated persons.

4. Duration

4.1. This agreement is valid for 3 years from its signature. If the ratio of the parties transacted an agreement on cooperation lapse obligations under this agreement to the extent they are replaced by provisions in the later agreement.

5. Default

5.1. Being confidentiality agreement overtrâdt, the injured party is entitled to demand the-placement for any losses that follow it.

5.2. In violation of the agreement, the injured party access to that FA infringement and its follow stopped by injunction without collateral.

5.3. Being confidentiality agreement overtrâdt, the injured party is entitled to the Conventions on the EUR 250,000.00. Consists offense in maintaining an illegal to-order, pay a mânedlig bod great EUR. 50,000.00 for each embarked summoned to stand maintained. The liquidated damages become due breach has been identified and brings about no limitation in the right to claim damages in ov-rich.

5.4.Due also furniture and effects violation made by any of the party affiliated persons.

5.5. Quite trivial breaches, neither have or could have harmful effects solution for the injured party, triggers no penalty.

6. Jurisdiction

6.1. Disputes between the parties on its performance, interpretation and fill-up must be brought before …..

7. Appendix

As an employee of

You will acquire information about the company's systems and business model, as an employee you will keep this information secrecy.

You will have personal contact with customers, which at times will give you personal information about which you have sworn to secrecy.